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9 Guiding Principles to Hiring: 30 Years In Construction Equipment Rental

As demand for construction grows throughout Virginia, many firms in the construction equipment industry like Atlantic Lift Systems are having a difficult time finding enough qualified employees to keep up with the demand.  As Atlantic Lift Systems, one of the largest independent and family owned equipment rental companies in Virginia, continues its effort for strategic growth, the challenge of finding and retaining skilled and experienced employees for almost every position  must be addressed in a strategic and compelling way.  Atlantic Lift Systems President and Owner, Allan Haynsworth, believes that investing in employee growth and engagement is key to the long-term success of his construction equipment rental company.  Haynsworth believes that younger workers value collaboration, teamwork and social opportunities, while older workers adhere to core missions and aspirations. “For Atlantic Lift Systems to have long-term success our people are the number 1 factor. Investing in their growth is an investment in the growth of our company.”  Haynsworth clearly  understands the the advantage edge that comes with offering ongoing training and mentoring opportunities for all employees to create a culture that values a common purpose and effective processes to help engage workers of all ages.  He has built his companies’ guiding principles around values that encourage collaboration, connectedness, and the sharing of new ideas to offer solutions to client problems.  Ben Preston of outlines the purposeful strategies and principles Haynsworth relies on for the continued growth and profitability of Atlantic Lift Systems.

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