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Let Atlantic Lift Systems be your guide for all your forklift & aerial lift operator training and safety needs.  A well trained workforce is the key to preventing accidents. Staying informed is the first step. Did you know that as an operator of powered industrial trucks and lifts, one must be fully trained and employer certified as required in recent ANSI federal regulation? As part of the regulation, truck operators are required to complete formal classroom training, practical hands-on training and an evaluation. Employers like you need an effective and comprehensive training program.

ANSI and OSHA Applicability-  Mobile elevated work platforms, also known as aerial lifts or MEWPs, are popular on a variety of job sites.  The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) defines a mobile elevated work platform as “a machine/device intended for moving person, tools and material to working positions,” and consisting of a work platform with controls and an extending structure mounted on a mobile chassis.  In 2018, ANSI updated their A92 standards with new safe use, training and design requirement for MEWPs. If your company uses MEWPs, ANSI’s new safe use and training requirements are now industry-standard best practices.  ANSI requires all MEWP users, whether they own or rent a MEWP, to be properly trained. 

Operate training
OSHA Guidelines (1910.178) require Safety Training for all forklift & aerial lift Operators by a trained, knowledgeable, and experienced trainer. Classroom and hands-on training is required. The employer must certify that operators have been trained and evaluated and maintain records to verify the training. Re-evaluation must be done at least every three years. Refresher/remedial training must be conducted after a near miss, an accident, or if unsafe operation has been observed. Visit OSHA online here.


Our operator training programs are updated to meet the requirements in the new ANSI A92 standards (June 2020). Our courses comply with the new ANSI A92.22 standards for Safe Use and ANSI A92.24 standards for Training.  In addition, we offer specialized and comprehensive training materials and programs to allow you to meet and exceed OSHA standard 1910.178.  We provide Forklift & Aerial Lift Operator Training and Safety Programs and include the following subjects:




Operator Training is Essential –  Don’t Put Your Team or Equipment at Risk!








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