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Equipment Rental Rewards


Are you renting equipment from us today or thinking about it? Would you like to earn equipment rental rewards?  Atlantic Lift Systems wants to be your equipment rental partner.  For this reason, we offer   a great equipment rental rewards program for all our loyal equipment rental clients. As a member of our Propoints Reward program, our clients earn points with every equipment rental dollar spent!   When you redeem your points, you can choose from numerous prizes. These include electronics, apparel, home goods, health and fitness items, and even travel packages. We have it all covered.

Members of our Pro Point Rewards program continue to rent equipment in the same way. We do all the work of keeping track of monthly rentals and awarding points. Rewards clients receive updated monthly balances and reminders.  There are no additional forms to fill out or codes to keep track of when renting equipment.  An Atlantic Lift Systems team member is always available to answer any questions about your point balance or equipment rental history. As a member, you simply enjoy the rewards!

Atlantic Lift Systems can fill all your equipment rental needs and we want you to partner with us. To join our equipment rental rewards program, Pro Points, simply start the approval process by filling out the form ABOVE.   Why not join our Pro Points Rewards Program today!

If you are a current member, click on the Member Login button below to check your point balance and begin shopping!