Boom Lift Pre-Check

Think Safety: Pre-Function Check of a 660SJ

Conducting a Boom Lift Check

It is the User’s or Operator’s primary responsibility to perform a Pre-Start Inspection of your boom lift before use dailyor when changing operators.  Its purpose is to verify that the equipment and all of its components are in safe operating condition.  Start your initial inspection by locating the owner’s and maintenance manuals, which can be found in the manuals storage compartment on the platform of your boom lift.  These documents must be kept with the machine at all times. Be sure you read the Operator’s Safety Manual for Pre-Start Inspection procedures for your specific machine.  As the operator, it is important that you understand the Operator’s Safety Manual before performing the Pre-Start Inspection. Next, the walk around inspection ensures there is no visible damage to your equipment.

Remember, your life depends on the proper operation of your  boom lift. Always follow the complete daily inspection procedure in your manual. This quick  2-minute video summarizes only some of the Pre-Operational checkpoints and is not intended to portray a full function check.

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