1. Renting reduces capital expenses and enables you to allocate dollars to areas with the highest return on investment.

2. Supplementing basic equipment with specific rental machinery only when needed is an effective way to extend your fleet and compete for more jobs.

3. You don’t have to worry about a current model becoming obsolete or not having the latest safety features and Tier 4 emissions-compliant engines.

4. Renting provides the convenience factor of on-site delivery — which saves you money and time.

5. You can get exactly what you need rather than trying to “make do” with something else.

6. The knowledge that the equipment is well maintained and ready to go.

7. You avoid any depreciation issues and license and registration costs for equipment.

8. The need for warehouse or storage space can be decreased or eliminated.

9. Rental stores are stocked with the right equipment and attachments.

10. You eliminate the costs and time associated with trying to sell or dispose of old or unused equipment.

Renting equipment could potentially offer a more cost-effective solution that protects your credit and keeps your equipment up-to-date.