The Virginia Maritime Association commissioned artist and muralist Adam Stanton to design and paint a mural celebrating its 100th year anniversary on its Downtown Norfolk building.  Artwork celebrating the maritime industry, designed by Muralist Adam Stanton, a Coast Guard public affairs officer, was presented and approved by the VMA back in September, 2019.  Stanton’s final mural design captures our region’s maritime industry and includes images of welders, farmers, port container pier workers along with a cargo ship and train. Adam Stanton has painted murals in about ten countries all over the world and this mural, coming in at 30 feet by 33 feet, will be his tallest ever, and left him wondering how he was going to safely complete the project.  Atlantic Lift Systems was more that happy to jump in and provide the necessary equipment to allow Adam to safely complete his work more than 50 feet in the air.  Virginia Maritime Celebrates 100th Year–CLICK HERE FOR MORE!