Compressors & Air Tools

185CFM Air Compreessor
  • Capable of providing air at 185 cfm
  • Can be attached to a trailer for easy transportation
HP375 Air Compressor
  • Capable of providing air at 375 cfm
  • Can be attached to a trailer for easy transportation
Media Blaster
  • Turns non-aggressive media (such as baking soda or stone powder) into a powerful cleaning force
  • Used to strip paint, clean grease from industrial valves, and more
  • The best machine for any blasting operation
  • Hand held commercial concrete saw
  • High power, low weight, ergonomic, and durable
  • For use with 18″ diamond blade
Plate Compactor
  • Quickly compacts all types of soil
  • Used to compact around new construction
  • Foundation backfilling or other tight areas needing soil reinforcement
Jack Hammers
  • Powered by compressed air
  • Breaks up pavement, concrete, and rock
  • Available in 30lb, 60lb, and 90lb sizes
Rock Drills
  • Drills diameters up to 2″ in depth and down approximately 20′
  • Used for drilling blasts, as well as anchor and rock splitting holes
Rivet Busters
  • Great for concrete or steel working
  • One of the favorite tools of demolition contractors
Concrete Chipping Hammers
  • Used for scaling, chiseling, light concrete demolition, and alteration work, and trimming
  • 2″-4″ strokes