Fork Extensions

Fork extensions are made for bulky loads. With forklift extensions, handling different load sizes and shapes can be handled with one truck.  This enables you to load and unload more pallets per pick or to load and unload trailers from one side.   When using forklift extensions some key points to keep in mind: The extensions can be no longer than 1.5 times the length of the fork itself.  A forklift with extensions is treated as a “partially loaded” even when not carrying a load.  A forklift with extensions is also treated as an entirely different forklift, so your operators will need to be trained on the forklift again.  The lift must be newly labeled with its load weight and attachment combination at max elevation.  In addition, each extension needs to be clearly labeled with manufacture information, as well as individual rated load capacity, and identifying features such as year of manufacturing and serial number. Keep in mind this is not the complete list of regulations for forklift extensions, just a few of the most import to know. You should contact your regional OSHA office for a full list of rules and regulations set by OSHA regarding forklift extensions. Our selection of forklift extensions are available in  54″, 60″, 63″, 72″ lengths.

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