20′ Non-Powered Man Lift

Key Specs

  • Platform Height: 13.6 ft.
  • Working Height: 19.6 ft.
  • Platform Capacity: 330 lb.
  • Platform Dimensions:  2 ft. x 2 ft.
  • Machine Length: 4.10 ft.
  • Machine Width:  5.4 ft.
  • Elevated by: 40v Lithium-ion battery

20′ Non-Powered Man Lift

If you need to get through a single or double door and operate on a sensitive floor, and you won’t be in constant motion, then the 20′ non-powered man lift is the right lift for the job. The JLG FT140 is ideal for working heights of up to 20 ft. and can be easily rolled throughout your facility.  Platform capacity is 330 lbs. and gives you plenty of room to work.  In addition, it can be assembled and disassembled in a matter of minutes, allowing workers to access catwalks, landings, and other hard to access areas. With its innovative and lightweight design, the entire lift breaks down easily to fit in the back of a pick-up truck. Elevated by power back, two 40V Lithium-ion batteries,  1.5 hr. charger, and an attachable tool tray to hold your supplies are included. Non powered man lifts come in a variety of sizes for heights of 11′ to 20′ and provide a safer choice for your plant, facility, office, or showroom maintenance projects. Rent or purchase a JLG non-powered man lift for all your routine upkeep like painting, electrical/mechanical work, changing lights, HVAC work, and more. These portable lifts offer a new level of safety and efficiency for all your on the job applications.

Forget dangerous ladders, the JLG LiftPod FT140 is part of the next generation of innovative personal portable lifts! Ranging in sizes from 11′ to 20″ you can find exactly the solution you’re looking for. at Atlantic Lift Systems. Visit Atlantic Lift Systems at our Norfolk, Hampton or Richmond branch and check out our selection of personal portable lifts.  We know you’ll be able to find the perfect model and size single man lift to get your job done in no time.  Go ahead and browse our selection of JLG quality lifts and reach out to one of our equipment specialists by completing the form below or calling 844-70-RENTS!

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