landscaping sod job site with john deer 317g skid steer

Landscaping Equipment Rental

With spring right around the corner, it is time to think about breaking ground and getting to work. At Atlantic Lift Systems we believe that the right landscaping equipment rental for the job makes all the difference in safety and productivity. With a fleet of rentals in a range of sizes for power and ideal accessibility, and the attachment options we have available, we can help you improve work quality and efficiency.

Using earthmovers on a job site is both labor and time efficient. Our loaders and excavators are available for any size job. Earthmoving equipment allows for heavy materials such as sod, pavers, crushed stone, and mulch to be transported with ease. By employing a strategy to bring in landscaping rental equipment, you are able to increase your overall capability as a crew, provide specialty performance, eliminate the responsibility of maintenance and service, and save on man hours.

At Atlantic Lift Systems we have the equipment you need. When you need it. Where you need it.

Skid Loaders – Wheeled & Tracked 

We have six different loaders available with capacities ranging from 1,650 – 2,100lbs. Our skid loaders allow you to work efficiently in mud, sand, or environmentally sensitive ground. The high strength rubber tracks allow for less surface damage, so that you can get onto sites quickly and neatly.

john deer 317g skid steer

Mini Excavators

Our mini excavators make digging and transporting heavy materials much easier. We have five different options available to rent based on your needs to get the job done. Lift capacities range from 5,000 to 18,000 pounds and dig depth is up to 15’ 4”. All of which run on a diesel engine and offer a large, comfortable operating space. Standard equipment includes rubber or steel tracks, boom swing function, and joystick controls. In some of our models, features such as air conditioning, VICTAS advanced track stability system, and true zero-tail swing are highlighted. 

Mini Track Skid Loaders

These helpful additions to the job site allow you to lift more, move more, and dig faster. We have two different models available to rent. Our mini skid steer is equipped with generous hip padding for added comfort, dual hydrostatic operating system, piloted joystick controls, tightened boom tolerances, and increased ground speed. The compact utility loader features a unique hydraulically expandable undercarriage. With this the operator can retract the undercarriage for passages as narrow as 3 feet. 

In addition to landscaping equipment rental, we have all the  essential skid steer attachments available to rent. These attachments allow you to expand your services with efficiency and ease. 

Auger Extensions, Bits, and Mini Drills

Auger attachments are available for any size project. They are used for any earth drilling project requiring you to dig for irrigations, post holes, and planting trees. Augers are much more efficient than a shovel and offers plants more improved soil to root contact. Explore our different augers available today to see which ones best match your project!


Our hammer rental allows for increased efficiency and can installed or removed quickly with one screwdriver. It is a popular choice for removing rock or concrete when attached to a skid steer or loader. They are ideal for concrete demolition, road repair, and site preparation. 

Landscape Rake

Landscape rakes remove small to medium sized rocks and debris from a site. They also break up lumpy soil while grading, leveling, and scarifying. If you are looking to prepare seedbeds, sod, or lawn leveling, then this will be a helpful addition to your fleet. 

Mini Trencher

Mini trenchers are the perfect digging solution attachment for your mini skid steer. This attachment digs with ease. The provided auger depth control allows for a smooth cut and faster digging. For tough to tackle residential or commercial trenching jobs, our unit provides the perfect solution.


Bucket attachments are designed for low density materials such as snow, grain, or mulch. With their ability to attach quickly to skid steers combined with their capacity for maximum loading, they are able to make a job site efficient and neater.

Pallet Fork

This attachment turns skid steers into a forklift. Offering a 5,000 pound load capacity, easily transport pallets, bales, construction material, and more.

Mini Backhoe

Mini backhoes quickly and easily dig trenches, dig out tree roots, and assist in demolition while attached to your mini skid steer. It is so versatile on a job site, you will rarely go far without it.


We have both handheld and riding compactors available for any size site. Our rollers are designed for easy transport and operator usability. Road rollers, plate compactors, gas rammers, and trench rollers are great addition for compacting and leveling your landscape

Rely on Atlantic Lift Systems for your landscape equipment rental and get the power and precise performance you need for every jobd


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