317g compact track loaders on transport truck

Small (But Mighty) Compact Track Loaders

When Atlantic Lift Systems wanted to purchase compact track loaders, we chose with you in mind. We sourced the best brand and models for this size segment of the rental market, and added the John Deere 317G and 325G excavators to our fleet.

Equipment operators appreciate the ergonomic friendly cab design in these small-mid frame machines, with enhancements to maximize productivity and comfort. Both models feature heat and AC, as well as sealed and pressurized cabs to reduce outside noise and keep the dust out. 


When the job requires tight-quarters work, The G-series compact size is just what you need. These slimmed-down machines fit through narrow openings and operate in small spaces with as much power + efficiency as their much bulkier counterparts. 

The incredible breakout force and tractive bite of the small-but-mighty 317G Compact Track Loader keeps it working where other machines spin their wheels. It has ample torque, but is quiet enough to operate when bigger machines have to shut down for the day. Plus, the 317G has a ground force of only 4.5, so it can work effectively on hillsides and soft ground conditions. 

When time is of the essence, you’ll be glad you have the 325G on the job. Its differential steering keeps the operator in control of speed and traction while pushing around a turn. And with speeds of up to 8 mph, operators can make time getting from one side of the job site to the other. 

Efficiency is the name of the game for the G-series compact track loaders. The auto-idle feature kicks in when hydraulics aren’t in use, reducing engine speed to save fuel between tasks. Its auto-shutdown feature is another must-have fuel saving mechanism. Best of all, operators can choose between “power” mode, which has enough strength for heavy-duty digging, or “economy” mode to reduce engine speed, noise and fuel consumption for easier jobs.

Generous fuel tanks, easy trailering and convenient refueling are some of our favorite features of the G-series machines. Don’t be fooled by the size of these versatile little machines…their flexibility and operating efficiency give you the edge you need to get big jobs done on time + on budget.

Questions about compact track loaders? Call one of our rental specialists today at 844-70-RENTS to find out which one of the G-series machines is right for you!

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