We place the highest value on the well-being and safety of our employees… and yours.  At Atlantic Lift Systems, we take the time to ensure that all of our employees receive the extensive operator and safety training required to perform their work safely and in accordance with OSHA Regulations and ANSI Standards.

We understand safety is crucial to any company. Trained employees work more safety, lowering the chance of accident and injury.  In addition, trained operators know how to use their equipment more efficiently, which increases productivity.  That’s why we do more than just rent equipment; we partner with our clients to provide the right equipment solutions to meet their needs, and we offer the operator training courses required to ensure our clients can complete their operations with the equipment they use, in a safe manner.

To ensure our clients can use aerial lifts and forklifts safely, Atlantic Lift Systems offers the operator training and familiarization that is now mandated by industry standards.  

What You Need to Know:

If you are an employer, owner, or operator of a company that uses Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWPs), telehandlers, or forklifts, the American National Standards Institute’s (ANSI) new safe use and training requirements are now industry-standard best practices. These new standards place greater responsibility on the equipment user/owner regardless of whether they are a large maintenance operation or a small business that rents a scissor lift, boom lift, forklift, or telehandler for seasonal work.

ANSI Standard A92.22 – Safe Use

All MEWP users, including both full-time owners and companies who occasionally rent aerial equipment, must develop a risk assessment and site safety plan. The plan must be documented and shared with everyone on the work site.

ANSI Standard 92.24 – Training

Documented training remains mandatory for aerial equipment operators. The new standard now requires training for Occupants and Supervisors. An Occupant is anyone in the MEWP platform who is not an Operator. The Operators is responsible for ensuring every Occupant in the platform knows how to work safely on the MEWP.  A Supervisor is “An entity assigned by the user to monitor Operator performance and supervise their work.”  Basically, someone who directly supervises one or more MEWP operators is considered a Supervisor by ANSI and is now required to have aerial lift safety training. 

Atlantic Lift Systems offers a variety of JLG-certified operator training courses to include the safe and proper use of MEWPs (A92.22) and operator training for MEWPs (A92.24) to ensure the operator is in compliance with all aspects of safe use and operation. We also provide operator training for all seven classifications of powered industrial trucks (forklifts) in accordance with OSHA 29CFR 1910.178. For more information on standard changes, download a copy of  JLG’s Your Essential Guide to Understanding ANSI & CSA Standard Changes.

Stay Up-to Date on Operator Training. In addition to OSHA training, Atlantic Lift Systems offers JLG-certified MEWP and forklift operator certification, recertification and familiarization.  Training classes are conducted by our Training Director, Dave Skelley. Mr. Skelley has been a material handling equipment & operator safety professional for over 30 years.  As a certified JLG Operator Trainer, Mr. Skelley conducts operator training for all MEWPs, rough terrain telehandlers (Class VII), and forklifts (Class I –VI). 

A general overview of what you can expect for all our training courses is:

  • Training classes are offered on site or at one of our three branches, unless otherwise specified.
  • Classes consist of a combination of classroom instruction with written test and practical hands on familiarization.
  • Participants receive a handbook of instruction to keep as a reference and safety guide.
  • Depending on class size, most classes can be completed in one day.
  • After successful completion of in class and practical hands on instruction, participants will immediately receive a temporary certificate of completion. A permanent wallet card will be sent to their employer.



Feel free to contact us online or by phone to learn more about available classes. Contact your local Atlantic Lift Systems sales representative for details regarding training schedules and pricing.  Complete our Contact Us form or call 844-70-RENTS to Schedule Your Class Today  DON’T DELAY! 

Operator Training

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